X Festival of Christmas Traditions
Delegación de residentes extranjeros

X Festival of Christmas Traditions

IX Festival of Christmas Traditions – Programme
8th December, Mezquita Square, Arroyo de la Miel

11:00 Christmas music
11:30 Choir form Sunland International Novaschool
12:00 Banana Studios
12:30 Presentation of all the countries/associations
13:00 Danzamanía
13:30 Children’s choir from the Norwegian School
14:00 Children’s choir from the Danish School
14:30 Music from Russian speaking countries
15:00 The Welsh Society
15:30 Philippine Folk Dancers
16:00 Music from Colombia
16:30 Costa Soul Singers
17:00 Belly Dance from Morocco
17:30 Music from Bolivia
18:00 Cuban Show
18:30 Celtic Dancers
19:00 Mexican Folclore
19:30 Cultural Association Argentinian Roots
20:00 Music from Venezuela
20:30 Rapa Nui dance from Chile
21:00 Music from Ucrania
21:30 Capoeira and batucada from Brasil

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