Foreign Residents

− To help foreign residents on a daily basis, by translating for them in other municipal departments. Our staff is frequently summoned by other municipal departments with the same aim.

− To inform about events organised by our own Department and the rest of municipal areas. We do this by means of e-mail, telephone and also in person, as well as through the local press and the municipal website.

− To translate documents for other municipal departments (environmental campaigns, official communications, letters received from residents who do not speak Spanish, etc)

− To promote relationships between foreign groups living in Benalmadena.

− To monitor all official requests made by foreign residents, in order to speed up procedures as much as possible.

− To offer a personalised treatment to all foreign residents associations, in order to help them with their daily needs.

− To organise events (informative conferences, international days, trips, cultural visits, sport events, concerts, art exhibitions, etc…) aimed at the participation of foreign residents.

− To show our culture to foreign residents and to let all residents in Benalmadena know about the different cultures that co-exist in our municipality.

− To carry out registration campaigns.

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