Citizen Participation Portal inaugurated.
Delegación de residentes extranjeros

Citizen Participation Portal inaugurated.

The Mayor of Benalmadena, Victor Navas, together with the councillor for Citizen Participation, Elena Galan and Councillor for Housing, Enrique García inaugurated Citizen Participation Portal this week. It has an easy access directly through and everyone can leave their comments in forum and put forward proposals in municipal matters.

The portal consists of a two sections. The first one is called a discussion forum, in which anyone can comment regardless if the person is registered (empadronado) in the town hall of Benalmadena or not. The mayor opened the first debate on the Portal about the new municipal by-law about potentially dangerous dogs.

In the second section citizens can put forward proposals in municipal matters, it is open for everybody who is registered in Benalmadena.

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