The municipal elections in Spain, the 22nd of May 2011
Delegación de residentes extranjeros

The municipal elections in Spain, the 22nd of May 2011

Election Day, Sunday the 22nd of May

From March 29th all voters will receive a polling card (tarjeta electoral), showing your data, the polling station (mesa) and the section for each voter. It is important to note that this polling card is not an identity document! Voters must therefore use one of the following documents: Passport, national identity card or a Spanish driving license. A copy is not valid!

On May 22, the polling stations (colegios electorales) will be open from 9.00 until 20.00 hours. At these polling stations you will find paper slips (papeletas) with the names of the candidates and voting envelopes. There are booths to preserve confidentiality while making your choice. The voting slip of your chosen candidate must be put into the voting envelope. Then the voter will approach the electoral table with the voting envelope and give his or her name to the president, proving their identity by any of the documents above.
The following are invalid: more then one slip of paper for different candidates in one envelope, any note on the paper slip such as a cross, a name, etc. or a paper slip which differs from the official model.

Postal voting

Should you be absent on Election Day and not be able to attend the polling station, you can apply for a postal vote. To do this you must apply to the provincial delegation of the electoral census office, using an official form which can be obtained from March 29th until May 12th at any post office (oficina de correos).

After this application you will receive by certified post, between the 2nd and 15th of May, an instruction sheet, the paper slips with the different candidates, the electoral envelopes, a certificate of inscription and an envelope with the address of the polling station. The voting slip (only one, without any notes) must be put into the voting envelope and be sealed. This envelope, together with the certificate must be placed in the envelope addressed to the polling station and sent by registered post before the 18th of May. Stamps are not required. Voters who have applied for postal votes have no right to vote in person on the Election Day.

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