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Cultural Activity- Meeting with a Pastoral

10/11/2011 Departamento de Extranjeros
Cultural Activity- Meeting with a Pastoral

The Foreigners’ Department of the town hall of Benalmadena wishes to invite you to a cultural activity called “meeting with the Pastoral”

Pastoral is a group of friends, who meet in order to play and sing Christmas music. It is something very typical in the whole Spain. There are a few different groups in Benalmadena.

On 18th of November we invite you to “Los Bataneros”. During this visit you will hear a history of this typical music group, you will be able to watch their performance and in general you will learn more about Christmas traditions in southern Spain.

The visit will take place on 18th of November at 7.00 pm, and will last approximately one hour. If you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible as the places are limited. The activity is free of charge. Our meeting point will be at 6.45 pm at the Pueblo Sol Square (a new square close to the Health Center in Arroyo) and from there we will walk together to Los Bataneros.