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Cesar Lucas - The Art of Watching

18/01/2013 Departamento de Extranjeros
Cesar Lucas - The Art of Watching

From 25th January until 31st March

This exhibition brings together the work of one of the most prominent Spanish photo-journalists.

At the age of eighteen he started to work as a fotographer for Europa Press and his phots appeared in numerous Spanish and foreign newspapers and journals. At twenty two he became a photographer of international stars and his photos were well known around the world.

From the outset, his work was innovative. It depicts not only the artistic legacy of its author, but is also a decisive step in the assessment of photographers and photo-journalists in Spain. His work shows the political and everyday life during the Spanish transition.

In the Art of Watching, Cesar Lucas, shares with us 120 photographs taken during nearly five dacades. The photos are organized into six sections: Origins, Movies, Myths of a country, New Times, Faces and Itineraries.