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New Exhibition

26/01/2011 Departamento de Extranjeros
New Exhibition

This time the Exhibition Centre of Benalmadena (Centro de Exposiciones) offers an artistic and historical approach to the art of engraving.
This group exhibition is made up of the most representative collection of graphic works by Caja Granada. A selection of more than fifty engravings dating from the XV until the XXI centuries, from diverse and well known authors such as, amongst others: Hoefnagel, Munch, Picasso, Braque, Ernst, Miro, Warhol, Lichestein, Kaminsky, Bacon, Chillida, Saura. They all represent different styles and graphic techniques, such as lithography, etching, xylography and screen-printing.
The exhibition is divided into three thematic groups: firstly, the section Territories (and several landscapes), which includes outstanding works in space and natural references. Secondly, Portraits (real and imaginary), as the human figure has always been studied by the artists. The purpose of this section is to lead us to self-reflection. Thirdly, Impossible (unreal pictures), where the world of non-representative contemporary art, provides an intuitive view of those realities that are not normally seen through the image-translation.